Friday, January 30, 2009


Bearing Down

Jan 27 09

A foreign empire defending its territory a bit too zealously gets beaten down. At least now we know how far we've gone off course...

Xp reward will be calculated and given at the start of next session. Combat xp is being calculated RAW (rules-as-written). Noncombat xp is being boosted to better reflect time and effort spent not actively murdering people and animals. The figure is arbitrary for now but will soon be brought into the "major quest completed/minor quest completed" structure, with modified values.

We are going to try out a new 'bonus xp' system. At the end of each session players will secretly nominate another player for excellence in combat, skills use, and roleplaying. You may not nominate yourself. You may nominate the same person twice for two different categories, but when at all possible I will not award the same person twice in one session. Ties will be decided by DM. Reward will probably be equivalent to one half of "completing a minor quest," unmodified.

Absent players will gain one-half xp. They will not earn "party split" gold. Through some unimaginable cosmic powers of coincidence, their gear will probably not drop.

Players are therefore going to be at different levels of xp. In fact, the sooner everyone's xp begins to diverge, the less of a big deal it is going to be.


Thursday, January 22, 2009


Set to sea

Jan 20

Osalo sends us off with a strange chest. Things look grim as our captain begins to demonstrate a mysterious inability to get his ship where it needs to go.

Still making some decisions about experience.


Thursday, January 15, 2009


DnD 09 Keeping the Peace

Jan 13 2009

Three crusaders investigate a perplexing device. Two heroes-for-hire sent to track down a man find only a mystery. The god-king collects the five and sends them on their way forward, but what does the future hold for their diplomatic mission?


Friday, January 09, 2009


Home or Away?

Like my last large campaign the characters do not necessarily know each other before the first session. But instead of choosing between Church, Military, Noble, and Peasant "factions," this time it's just Home and Away. I've picked the wrong names, because the two 'teams' are in no way adversarial. However, I did not want to write the word travelling a million times.

The first focal locale of the campaign will be the totalitarian, theocratic, generally-wealthy city-state of Osalomanse. If you wish to be on the Home team, your character might be:
A cleric(osalo), warlord, fighter, paladin, rogue, or ranger
Human, dwarf, or halfling
Indifferent to Osalo, reverent of him, fearful of him, or one of many people simply enjoying the prosperity brought by his reign. In any case, you can't be openly defiant of him.
An Osalan citizen, or just someone who happened to be there when the events started to occur

You are from one of the troubled towns or villages on a continent far to the south. If you wish to be on the Away team, your character might be:
A fighter, rogue, paladin, warlock, wizard, or ranger.
Any race from the PHB and most races from the MM (p 276!)
You have never heard of Osalo.
You have a lot of leeway in making up details about your origins. These details may end up creating the history, geography, and culture of the Far continent. Welcome to world building!


New campaign characters, same great campaign world taste

First, to anyone that thought to check this blog (impossibly, remembering its url) on their own, thanks. That's pretty neat.

Second, the game rules data here is all inaccurate now since we're doing 4th ed.

Third, the world info here is all almost entirely still accurate. Chronologically I've decided there is no time lapse at all between campaigns. So just weeks ago, an assassination attempt on Osalo took place.

Fourth, logging/discussion for the new campaign will most likely take place on a collection of linked google documents. Part of me just wants to do it here, but some of the collaborative tricks we can use are neat, especially as Dave and I trade off DMing duties.

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