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You don't need to be a standard robe-and-pointy-hat wizard to be a MAGE COP, but you do need some arcane talent. So that includes warlocks, hedge wizards, sorcerers, bards, swordmages, and the like. Your character need not even be ON the force, but you should try to think about cop movie/tv show cliches.  Here's some to get you started.  You can pick one or two of these, or something i haven't thought of:

Fresh Outta the Academy
The Wildcard - he doesn’t always go by the book, but he gets results
By The Book
The Private Dick/ Hardboiled Detective - Looks like we’re on the same case, boys... ‘cept the city don’t pay for my donuts
3 Weeks From Retirement - and you just  bought a new boat!
The Buddy Cop - take with another player.  Must have some strongly clashing backgrounds/ideas.  may also work with a personal minion
Who Called in the Feds? - you work for another body, threatening to take jurisdiction
Crooked Cop!
Protect & Serve - goodness is more important than the law
I AM THE LAW - judge, jury, & executioner: punishing criminals is more important than the law
Disciplinary Action - I used to run this precinct, until...
Pulled Outta Retirement
That Weaselly Little Informant Cops Always Seem to Have
The Great Detective - elementary, my dear Watson 

Friday, November 02, 2012



The MAGE COPS (always capitalized) are a law enforcement agency in the city of Forcas that handles magical crimes and criminals that the mundane city guard is ill-equipped to tackle. They used to be a separate and equal sister force to the city guard, but the power of the arcane Houses has been steadily growing and the houseless MAGE COPS became an unglamorous place for someone with magical talent to devote themselves to.  So currently the houses mostly police themselves (or each other) but when it comes to jobs that are too dangerous or apolitical for one of the namby-pamby arcane houses to take care of, it's time for the MAGE COPS to step in and take care of business.

To make matters worse for the MAGE COPS, the longtime chief Arkas Derum was turned to stone 3 years ago.  No one's been able to reverse the effect.  His statue remains in his office but in the meantime, Deputy Chief Hadrass has filled in, and he's TIRED of TAKING SHIT from all these PISSANT RECRUITS from the ACADEMY who think they're TOUGH SHIT WITH A WAND!



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