Tuesday, July 20, 2010


noticed today

Always in search of a durable defender, I noticed the battlemind has an at-will that grants resistance (wis) till next turn. So... dwarf fighter|battlemind with brv, maxed con, and melee training can mark well, and punish with mindspike or a decent mba. As always, it doesn't really do better than the durability baseline: 18-18 brv fighter. You've got to abandon your fighter side, leaving you with a wasted encounter (translates into 2 wasted PP here) and a wasted fighter at-will. The dwarven BRV feat doesn't work, either. But in a long battle, spamming that at-will will make you hard to kill, you have good accuracy, and the wis-resist procs even on a miss (although a brv fighter using a vig attack procs (con) on a miss).


New posts

I'm not running a campaign right now, but I thought I might use this blog as a place to post goofy builds (4e) I think of. Being as we still mostly do heroic tier, that's where most of my brainpower tends to be devoted.

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