Monday, November 22, 2010


Cleave avenger?

Half Elf Avenger with Cleave as Versatile Master dilettante. Pimp out Cleave with Cruel Cut Style, Steel Vanguard Style, (need a fighter or warlord multi for those. You'll want a 13 str anyway for minion mopping on cleave), and Adept Dilettante. Use a fullblade! Cleave will now fish for crits (19-20 and Oath), put on a whopping wis bleed, and mop minions. This needs lv 11 to kick in, I think. Any good avenger PP will do.

More half elf fun: Get the striker bonus twice by going lock, sorc, or avenger and taking versatile master-adept dilettante combo on a barbarian atwill. This is especially nice for the avenger's shitty atwills, but bad stat line-up there. So i'm thinking maybe a neat sorc- or lock-gish that uses up his encounters then wades in for curse-augmented Howling Strikes.

Also, damn, check out Howl of Fury(barb atwill).

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